1989 Peavey TB Raxx
Bass Tube Preamp

$5.00 Standard Daily Rate


At the heart of this American made, vintage preamp is a pair of high-quality 12AX7 tubes that will instantly warm up your bass guitar sound. This compact unit is easy to use and offers a wide range of tones, from clean & warm, to thick & juicy sounds full of character. You can dial up fat, growly, funky, dirty, or twangy . . . from a vintage thump to a modern slap, you can get anything you need with the twist of a few knobs. The Low & High inputs and outputs provide the flexibility to drive another preamp; a bass amp or combo; a power amp & speaker; or plug directly into the house. It can also be used like an effect, or as a direct box. Ideal for pre & post-production recording, this rare and sought-after rack unit was only made during 1989 and 1990.
(Note: This unit is almost identical to Peavey's guitar version, the "T.G. Raxx" model. To maximize both R&D and production costs, Peavey produced a single preamp they could market for both Bass and Guitar.)

[The manual is available as a pdf download from peavey.com]

Format: Preamp
Type: Tube
Number of Channels: 2
Front Panel Inputs
Number of Input Jacks: 2
High Gain and Low Gain Inputs: 1/4" Instrument
Control Knobs
Pre Gain
Gain Boost
Post Gain
Rear Panel Outputs
Number of Output Jacks: 2
High and Low Outputs: 1/4" Instrument

(2) Hi-Quality 12ax7 Preamp Tubes
Rare Unit Only Made in 1989 & 1990
3-Band EQ (Low/Mid/High)
3 Voicing Controls (Bottom/Body/Edge)
3 Tone Switches (Bright/Boost/Phase)

Enclosure: 19" Standard Rack-Mount
Made: Meridian, MS (USA)
Dimensions: Single Rack Space

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